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icon_order_managementOnline Software System

Shreeji Web design will deliver a solution that is specifically built to simplify the back office operations and also address the needs of companies who are looking for an easy to use, affordable, and powerful online ERP software across the world.

All these Reports will be generated on the basis of material availability,stock requirements, order positions,etc. It further helps production managers in outstanding management of their urgent requirements and various other ad-hoc needs,which is quite common among the production scenarios.

Advantages of the Online ERP Solutions:

-It has a single server,single database and hence requires only a single point of maintenance
-Saves Much time and efforts of employees.
-Users can have access from anywhere and anytime.
-Reduce costs
-Importance Efficiency
-Faster Communication than any other traditional ERP

erpWeb Based ERP/Online ERP Software offered by Shreeji Web design are totally customized and cover everything required to run a business irrespective of the size of company. It has numerous feature suitable for various businesses especially for distributed verticals such as distribution,wholesale and manufacturing.

The Enterprise solution offers real-time information about purchase, order management, finance, employee management, inventory, e-commerce and much more.It Virtually offers all processes starting from a gate entry to final delivery of the product to the clients.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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