VideoMakerFX Vs. Explaindio Video Creator Which is the Best Video Editor?

VideoMakerFX Vs. Explaindio Video Creator

VideoMakerFX Vs. Explaindio Video Creator

VideoMakerFX Vs. Explaindio Video Creator

Need a whiteboard animation or video animation software? We’ve taken a detailed look at two options to find the best for you. Here’s a lengthy comparison between two industry leading video creator software, VideoMakerFX Vs Explaindio.

VideoMakerFX: VideoMakerFX was first introduced as early as July 2013. It was one of the first software that enabled small and medium business owners, marketers, and everyday people to create impressive videos for (1) product sales (2) tutorials or (3) entertainment. Peter Roszak, the founder of VideoMakerFX, emphasizes on the simplicity of the software. It was designed to minimize any learning curve while still enabling it’s users to create complex and professional explainer or animation videos. Peter Roszak succeeded on that mission and I am personally a huge fan of VideoMakerFX. Not only as one of the original video creator software but also because it continues to work effectively to this day. It’s a simple to use tool that does what it’s suppose to you and enable you to create powerful videos that communicate your point more effectively.

– Tested and proven software. VideoMakerFX has been downloaded by 10,000+ users and have been on the market for over three years. It’s proven its market worthiness and there are minimal bugs on the software.
– Unlimited usage of the videos. VideoMakerFX does not put any restrictions on the videos you create. The one time purchase allows you to create as many videos as you want.
– Easy to use. There is a small learning curve and the software is designed to be stupidly simple to use. You can literally download the software today and get started with your first videos within 30 minutes. Huge time saver that allows you to create impressive videos that helps your bottom line with lesser time and lesser complexities.
– One updated version. Unlike Explaindio Video Creator, VideoMakerFX doesn’t categorize their product 1, 2, 3, or pro. It’s confusing and it’s simply designed to get people who purchased Explaindio 1 to repurchase Expalindio 3. You have one updated VideoMakerFX.
– Creative videos. VideoMakerFX is the first of its kind but it’s also been updated with the times. Peter Roszak and the VideoMakerFX team have added more slides, stock images, and features to make VideoMakerFX up to date with similar tools.

– It’s a one-time fee. If you don’t have to keep creating videos, then a better alternative may be VideoScribe.
– Slightly lesser features. For increased simplicity and ease of use, it has slightly fewer bells and whistles but you still have everything you need to make a professional sales video. It also does not have as many animations available as some other video creator software. This is a very small trade-off however. Peter Roszak and the team have added a lot since the inception of VideoMakerFX.

– VideoMakerFX was one of the first video creator software of its kind. Go for the original and not the copy-cats right?
– Quicker videos. You can create video quicker with VideoMakerFX. It combines video templates with the ability to customize allowing for quick video creation with minimal technical skill requirements. I really like the small learning curve allowing you to create great videos in a very short amount of time. You can even just enter your message and spit out a video with their pre-made video templates.

Price: One Time Payment $67 (Special Discount)

Download Free slides for videomaker fx 

Explaindio Video Creator: Explaindio Video Creator followed suite very quickly after VideoMakerFX’s success. They did have a few more features that VideoMakerFX upon the launch but it was clear, the creators of Explaindio took their ideas from VideoMakerFX.

Explaindio as its name implies also emphasizes on explainer videos, specifically whiteboard explainer videos. It’s relatively good and it does what it says it does but we have a few gripes about Explaindio and we would not recommend it today.

Firstly, Explaindio is notorious for up-sells. I get the impression, they’re primary objective is not to help their customers, as products should – products should be made to create value, fill a gap, and help their customers. Rather, Explaindio I find seems to be interested in squeezing as many dollars out of their customers as they can. This I get for two reasons (1) They have a whole lot of upsells and their support/refund is generally bad base on customer feedback. (2) They launch Explaindio 1.0, Explaindio 2.0, Explaindio Pro, Explaindio Pro 2.0, Explaindio Local, as different products. They are effectively evolutions of the original Explaindio product but packaged differently so people who purchase Explaindio 1 have to purchase Explaindio 2 instead of getting an update for their initial purchase.

It’s not all bad however. It is a good software and it does produce very impressive videos. It also works well. Overall I would say the product itself is solid but the support/people behind the product have had a bad rep in the internet marketing space and product development for being a little scam-like in their practices. A quick search will show a lot of unhappy customers for this product and their past products. In summary, Explaindio is more like a traditional internet marketing products (launch, and dump) than an actual business product. It’s not good for small business owners who want continuity of support and product quality. I’d guess as soon as the product stops being profitable for the Explaindio team, they’ll look for an exit (sell it) or dump it.

– Many features. Explaindio 2.0, the latest version available, has integrated various new features you may need with creating a business video. You will find the option to fully “animated” objects, sketch to animation, sketch to video, and green-screen support. Realistically however, aside from the sales pitch, you won’t likely be using many of these so-called features because they aren’t typical or professional in a business video. Their image animation is just your typical image slide through or flip which any basic software can do. It’s a whole lot of hype for nothing that’s valuable for your business. They do however have a green screen support feature which can be useful but other than that, most of it simply hype you won’t actually use – I don’t see the value with those features. Another case in point of their fluff and marketing gimmicks, using the word “Dynamic Zoom” instead of “Zoom” to make it seem something unique.
There are a few real features that was in Explaindio 1.0 – before they cheaply repackaged it to Explaindio 2.0 and add a bunch of fluff to make it look justifiable for Explaindio 1.0 users to repurchase and pay them again on a yearly rate. The real features they have are video animation and white-board sketch images – as mentioned, what was already found in Explaindio 1.0 and what VideoMakerFX had all the while. The biggest value in Explaindio 2.0 vs Explaindio 1.0 would likely be the green screen video – but then again, there are free software that does the exact same thing. Isn’t it like scammers to take something that’s freely available and re-sell it as something new – tech is a complicated space and many small and medium business owners unfamiliar with the tech space see value in a product but don’t know it’s common place and free in other parts of the internet. So the lack of perfect information provides an inefficiency in the market and allows for these almost scam practices to exist.
– They have a lot of stock photos and slides. They do have over 300 stock images that you can use. A slight tip however, you can get stock images for as cheap as $1/image that will suite your project better than these generic stock images. They also have a lot of pre-made slides but I think VideoMakerFX is on par with Explaindio for this. Another thing as well, with regards to their stock images and slides and SVG (the graphics that can be used with whiteboard explainer video software), Explaindio as I will mention bellow likes to upsell their customers a lot – you’ll be asked to subscribe to a monthly program to get more stock images and slides.
– Simple Interface. Explaindio 2.0 does have an easy to use interface that allows you to create videos relatively quickly with minimal tech skills.
– Excellent bull-shit. Well, if you consider this a pro. You should really give them the credit for their ability to make shoddy business practice seem legitimate to most (until you see them on the inside). Words like “Hollywood Like Studio Video Creation Capability”. Do you seriously think a Hollywood video production, would be created with a $57/year software? Hollywood producers who spend their entire life on video production, would make a video similar to what a non-tech business owner who wish to promote their own business would make? Let’s be realistic. I’ve been to Hollywood several times and seen their studio tours…it’s not. The Explaindio videos you make are far from the amount of process and work that goes into a “Hollywood Like” studio-made video.
Let’s face the facts, you can create an excellent video to effectively communicate your message with a good quality software that will impress your friends and customers but it won’t be “Hollywood Like Studio” videos. The kind of Michael Bay productions. So Explaindio Video Creator are good at hyping up your expectation, producing a false expectation, and setting you up for disappointment. It’s a positive point that they can make such bull-shit to make you think it’s real. That deserves credit.
– Alright for some real positives to Explaindio, Explaindio does have quite a few point and click features that can help you make business videos with their software. It’s a drag and drop editing feature that allows a non-technical individual to create business videos with the help of a software. However with that said, all the video creator software mentioned does it too. Explaindio 2.0 is basically a rip off of VideoMakerFX. They even have redone their user interface to make it like VideoMakerFX – which they say is done to (1) re-do the software architecture and make it more efficient; (2) to simplify the process and put it all on one page. I’d guess this smooth looking guy does not have a clue about software architecture.

– Bad business model. It’s good business model for Explaindio Video Creator but not so good for their customers; it also speaks about their priorities. Explaindio has created various versions instead of updating their current version, even marketing to their current customers to buy the latter versions (I know because I’m on their customer email list.) They’ll pitch you as typical spam-y email marketers with fake sales and urgency. Don’t fall for the bait, if you have to purchase another, better version of an explainer video creator then it’s better to jump to VideoMakerFX or VideoScribe for a similar price. Get out of their profit churning funnel; you’re like a rat that’s running on a treadmill for the Explaindio machine profits.
– Bad support. The support from the Explaindio team have not been great either base on customer feedback. I’ve not personally required their support team however many feedback online I’ve seen noted their support team are not very helpful. It’s also good to note, the team is not actually US-based and hence many of their personnel are English as a Second Language individuals.
– Too many upsells. If you get Explaindio, be ready to get sold a myriad of other products. I find this a little like trying to squeeze every dollar they can from their customer base. Many businesses do this but good businesses look at delivering good value to their customers. They tend to come up with a lot of other tangents of product and will keep trying to sell you their other tangents of products.
– High Price Point. Relative to VideoMakerFX, Explaindio charges you a yearly fee of $57. Compared to VideoScribe’s yearly rate of $140+, this is a fair price point however you get more for less with VideoMakerFX…VideoScribe justifies the higher price point as a professionally supported business video creator.
– It’s a con hence there are many cons.

– Double talk. Explaindio is unique as a video creator. They say thing on their sales video about themselves that is directly contrary to what their customers have experienced with Explaindio. For example the sales video mentions that “integrity embodies the Explaindio brand” while customers have noted their refusal to honor a refund policy. If you purchase a subscription for $57/year and it automatically renews before you’re able to cancel, don’t bet on getting a refund.
– Loads of B.S. I have honestly never seen such sly and made-up terms as I’ve seen on Explaindio new sales page. They are very good at mimicking what big business does with their sales page; using a simple and clean sales video that is intended to build trust with the audience. However, while the outside can be shiny, the inside is a mess.
– Many versions. One thing unique about Explaindio as mentioned is their consistent twists. The team behind the Explaindio brand is always trying to think of new ways to sell you more products/software. Hence you’ll find that Explaindio has various versions of their products just for increasing their sales…Explaindio 1.0 (they use this as a bonus gift for other products they sell now), Explaindio 2.0, Explaindio Pro, Explaindio 2.0 Pro, Explaindio Local. But Wait. That’s not all. For a limited time, you can also get Sync Videos, Website Notification plugin, Skype messenger plugin and more…all for individual prices ranging around $37-$57. So instead of focusing on how they can add more value to their customers, taking feedback to improve their product for their customers, they focus their efforts on how to create new things they can sell you. Products you likely don’t even need; products that distract you from your original mission more than help you achieve your original goal. These are typically very minor pain points that they pitch well to make it think you need it for a sale.

Price: $57/Year.



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